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  • Reiki Level 1 : Reiki level 1 transform your life very quickly in just one day. You are attuned to reiki energy at this level. This energy boost you mentally to win over stress & anxiety & other emotional problems of (Trust, anger, interest, disgust, joy, fear, sadness, surprise). This also help to raise level of your immunity so you stay away from sickness. You can start giving Reiki to the persons sitting near to you .
  • Reiki Level 2 :Reiki level 2 is advance stage for the person who have done Reiki level 1. This level strengthens level 1 person much more at this mental (Trust, anger, interest, disgust, joy, fear, sadness, and surprise) & physical level. This person remains always happy & stay away from any grief & sickness. This person can send Reiki to near & distance persons also from his next room to any city in world.
  • Reiki Level 3 :Reiki master as the term implies is a master over emotions & physical immunity system Reiki master lives close to truth & aura of universe. He is fearless person. He completely conquers all emotions & lives without disturbances of external world.

    Reiki master can also start teaching & attuning Reiki level 1 & level 2 to his students.