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About Us

Dr. Rajiv Srivastava is renowned academician from an era. He completed one of the rare PhDs in Computer Science & Engineering way back in 1998 in the area of Data Security. He had developed many prestigious projects in his professional life including a project Card India for CITI Bank when he used to work in cooperate world.

He has various publications in national & international journals in his credit.Presently he is guiding many M-Tech & PhD scholars in the areas including Data Security, Computer Networks, Cloud Computing & Image Processing.

Reiki is more than passion of Dr Rajiv Srivastava. He started Reiki in 1999 & since then he has mastered it by achieving it up to Grand master level. He has been teaching, attuning & training Reiki for the benefit & service of the society. He has visited many countries including England, Netherlands, Germany, Bangkok, Switzerland, Dubai, Singapore, France etc. to complete his mission of social service. He has been mainly trained by L Powers & A Phlegar for Reiki Masters & Grand masters.

Men with full of Achievements :

  • Astrology - Dr Rajiv Srivastava is a multi-talented professional since his child hood. Astrology is another subject on which he has complete mastery. He has been practicing Astrology since last 20 years & has clients over the world .
  • NLP Trainer - Dr Rajiv Srivastava is also certified NLP Trainer, he completed his NLP certification under world renowned trainer Matthew Barnet.
  • LoA - Dr Rajiv Srivastava is also certified life coach. He is a law of Attraction (LoA) trainer & has been successfully doing it for individuals & corporate persons. He completed LoA from a world renowned trainer Mellisa CH.
  • Hypnotist - Dr Rajiv Srivastava has also done a course on master hypnotist from Pradeep Agrawal a famous hypnotist of India.
  • Music - Dr Rajiv Srivastava has a great taste for music & follows old classical music along with light Hindi songs.
  • Book Reading - Dr Rajiv Srivastava has an earnest hobby of book reading. He has more than 500 books in his personal library on the topics of Vedas, religion, engineering, Life coach, law of attraction, Reiki & Astrology etc.